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What are the advantages of becoming a subscriber?
Posted by - NA - on 10 October 2005 11:44 AM

On WinCustomize there are 5 levels of users:

Level 1: Visitor. These are users who haven't created accounts. They can download up to 5 megabytes of content before having to create an account.

Level 2: WinCustomize Registered User. These are users who have created accounts. Accounts are free to create. Registered users can create posts, talk on the message boards, submit skins, make comments on skins, participate on polls, etc. There is a limit of 500MB worth of downloads on these accounts.

Level 3: Past Stardock Customer. These are users who have purchased Stardock/WinCustomize products in the past but have not purchased anything in over a year. There is a limit of 500MB worth of downloads on these accounts.

Level 4: Current Stardock customer. These are users who have either purchased Object Desktop Network or some other Stardock product (Stardock is WinCustomize's sponser) within the last year. These users get all the benefits of a registered user plus:

-Unlimited File Downloads. Say good-bye to file limitations! No more annoying messages preventing you from getting your download to work.

Level 5: WinCustomize Subscriber. Users who are current WinCustomize Subscribers get all the benefits of level 3 & 4 users plus:

-No Banner Ads. By becoming a WinCustomize subscriber, you help support our website in many ways. We recognize this by removing banners and other ads from the website that may hinder your surfing experience. We want all of our loyal patrons to have the most enjoyable surfing experience possible.
-Extra WinCustomize features. New features will be added to the site specifically for WinCustomize subscribers. Features will include journals, auto-notification of comments made to submissions you've made, notification to responses to messages you've made and more.
-Other goodies. During the course of the year we'll come up with other things such designed specifically for subscribers. We have a few new software technologies including Skincast and more that will taking customization to a whole new level.
-Plus there is the knowledge that by subscribing to WinCustomize you are helping ensure its future. WinCustomize costs an immense amount to run each month and subscribers can help ensure that the site continues to get better and better.

You can subscribe at

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