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My icons are all blank/broken! What do I do?
Posted by on 15 February 2012 11:48 AM

If you are having problems with blank/stuck icons, please try the following steps in order to try to resolve the issue. When you find a solution that works, there is no need to proceed to the next one in the list.


Solution 1:

In IconPackager, under Settings>System Settings you can use the 'Rebuild Icon Cache' and Repair Icon Images buttons, which should help with this issue. If not, try the Repair Shell Icons... button and select "Repair shell icons for all processes" and click OK.
Solution 2:

Please download the appropriate file for your computer:


Save to your desktop, then right click on the file and select 'Run as Administrator' if you're on Vista/7/8, or just run it if you're on XP. There may be some 'module could not be found' errors, which is normal. Then reboot your computer.
Solution 3:

Please access your System Registry (XP - Start-> Run, Vista/7/8 - WinKey +R) and in the run box type regedit. Then go to the following Key;


On the right side of the screen, if it has a value of {611AD258-4138-4348-A534-9856FA6BA398} you need to rename that registry key from 'IconHandler' to something else, IconHandlerX works.
Then reboot your PC and the Icons should be restored.
Solution 4:

Please try the following:

- Click the Start button
- Type "cmd" (without quotes) and you should see "cmd.exe" or "Command Prompt" appear in the results
- Right click "cmd.exe" or "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu
- In the command prompt window that appears, please type the following:
sfc /scannow
- Wait for the scan to complete (this can take several minutes)
- Restart your computer



If you still have trouble, please download and run the following utility:

This is a tool that we use to gather relevant log files and basic information about your computer. Once the utility finishes running, please send the .zip file it creates on the desktop to: Submit a ticket

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