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How do I get official support? How does support work?
Posted by on 17 February 2012 02:45 PM

You can create a case through this system at or you can email: Submit a ticket

To better assist you, make sure you have included the following information:

  • What product are you needing help with.
  • A concise description of your problem, including any error messages you receive.
  • When the problem occurs (preferably with instructions on how to reproduce it if possible), as well as how often it happens.
  • What steps (if any) you have already taken to rectify the issues.
  • Screenshots of the issue.

Also, please download and run the following utility:

This is a tool that we use to gather relevant log files and basic information about your computer. Once the utility finishes running, please send back the .zip file it creates on the desktop.

You should get an auto-response that the ticket was created.  If you don't, check your spam or junk-mail filter or folder.  Still not there?  Give it a bit of time and check the email you sent to and from.

Support will make every effort to answer you within 48 business hours. 

If we reply and you don't, after three days, you'll get a notice that your case will close.  Replying with the information requested will prevent that from happening.

If it does close, replying will re-open it.

Do NOT reply to tickets unless asked to. It will move your ticket to the end of the queue.


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