Restore a Fences Snapshot
Posted by on 22 October 2014 03:54 PM

Fences (version 2.0 and greater) includes a "snapshot" system that will periodically capture your Fences settings and appearance configuration. 

If you are experiencing issues with the placement or configuration of your Fences, please try restoring to a previous snapshot to see if that resolves your issue.


To restore Fences to a previous snapshot:

-Right click on the desktop and select "Configure Fences..."

-Click on "Layout and snapping" on the left hand side of the configuration window that appears.

-Select a snapshot you wish to revert to. A preview window will appear showing you what the desktop will look like.

-Click Restore Snapshot to revert the desktop to this preview.


If that fails, or if you experience any issues during this process, please download and run the following utility:

This is a tool that we use to gather relevant log files and basic information about your computer. Once the utility finishes running, please send the .zip file it creates on the desktopto support: Submit a ticket

**** If this does not resolve the issue, please contact support: Submit a ticket ****

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