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Sound cutting out, SFX crackling, and crashes related to sound
Posted by Brad Ather on 28 May 2015 03:51 PM

If you're experiencing sound issues in Galactic Civilizations III, please read below.

While playing, you will be receiving sound from each item on the map that's in your view. Planets, ships, anomolys, etc. In order to address the crashing, crackling, or loss of sound, the Miles sound system is being upgraded. In the meantime of that being released, we may have a slight workaround.

  • Keep your camera view in as close as you're comfortable with. Zooming out will increase the number of sounds you generate/receive.
  • If you hit D and see the overlay for FPS and further data, you will see this info in the top left corner. Sounds 10/100 - This represents all the items giving off sound. If this goes over 100/100, you may run into the issues described in the title.

  • If you're turning off the Fog of War, you may increase the # of sounds. It may be a good idea for the time being to keep it on.

**We are working to resolve this issue**

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