Start10 is not searching for all of my files
Posted by on 17 August 2016 09:54 AM

Please first ensure the "Search should include files outside the standard libraries" feature is enabled in the Start10 configuration menu:

- Load Start10
- In the menu on the left, select "Desktop"
- From the "Desktop" menu, select "Advanced"
- Please ensure the following box is checked:

After you've enabled that, please ensure the locations you would like to search in have been added to the Windows search index:

- Click the Start button
- In the search field, please type "Index" and select "Indexing Options" when it appears in the list of results
- Select "Modify"
- In the "Indexed Locations" window that appears, please add the additional search locations by checking the associated boxes:
- Select OK when you've added the desired locations

Please note, the search index may take some time to build and your system may slow down as a result. When the indexing process is done, however, you should be able to search the desired locations using Start10's search without any issues.

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