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What is Object Desktop?
Posted by - NA - on 06 October 2005 10:07 AM

Object Desktop is not an application, rather, it is a suite of Stardock applications. When you purchase Object Desktop, you're purchasing one year of prepaid access to many of the applications we offer and the latest updates for them. This includes product updates and upgrades free of charge. The current list of the applications in Object Desktop can be found at the following page:

Should your access to the suite expire, your installed application will continue to function but you will not have access to the installers, or updates, from your Stardock account page. Any installers you have backed up, however, will continue to work.

If you are wanting to renew Object Desktop, please note, returning customers qualify for a considerable discount.  Please follow this link for details:

If you were more interested in a one-time payment, you may benefit from purchasing an individual license for the desired applications. For the individual license, once you purchase the product, it is yours for life.

With the individual license, incremental upgrades (Fences 2.0, 2.1, etc) are offered with most Stardock software at no charge. Version upgrades however (Fences 2 -> Fences 3) are usually paid upgrades. With Object Desktop, those version upgrades would be free.


If you still have questions, please use the following link to create a support ticket:



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