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Why isn’t this control getting skinned?
Posted by - NA - on 07 October 2005 04:20 PM

There are two possible answers for that.

The first is that it’s possible the skin in use does not support the element. Older WindowBlinds skins do not support things such as menu skinning, scrollbars, etc.

The other possibility is that the WindowBlinds skinning engine does not support the control. Some toolkit developers and RAD companies have created clones of controls that have the look and feel of the normal win32 control, but do not function like it (for example the control does not respond to the same messages).

Such is the case with Microsoft’s own tab control in Visual Basic. It is not an actual tab control, and does not respond to the messages. In situations like these it is best to owner-draw if possible, or go with another control.

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