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How do I make skins for WindowBlinds?
Posted by - NA - on 06 October 2005 04:39 PM

WindowBlinds skins are made up of a skin definition file (a UIS file) and a collection of bitmaps, sounds and other files. There are two ways you can do it – either using a GUI editor – SkinStudio - or a text editor, like notepad. Which you use is a matter of personal preference, and it’s worth trying out both ways to see which is best for you. You will also need a bitmap graphics editor – Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop are popular choices, but anything that can handle BMP files will do.

UIS files are divided into sections, and each section defines a part of the skin – for example, one section defines what the start button looks like, and there is one for each of the buttons on the titlebar. This makes it easy to build a skin piece by piece, and also to modify an existing skin – if you are new to skinning, this is often the best way to start. Have a look at your favorite skin and see how it fits together, then try to change something.

Unfortunately, Stardock Support does not assist with skin creation. (It's like calling Microsoft to ask how to write a paper in MS Word.)

However, a fellow skinner has created a detailed tutorial that may assist you. It can be found at

It is also encouraged for you to ask other skinners your question/s on WinCustomize:

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