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I’m not really a graphic artist – can I still make skins?
Posted by - NA - on 06 October 2005 04:42 PM

Of course! Skinning is something you can learn as you go along, and it’s not limited to those who make their living in the realm of graphic design. Art itself is something you learn while trying, and making mistakes – lots of mistakes! Don’t be discouraged if you try and make something and it doesn’t look how you wanted it to look the first time. You can always try something else.

Moreover, there are two sides to skinning – the artwork, and the skin itself. Some of the best skins have come from the collaboration of two (or more) people – an artist who decides how it should look and creates the graphics, and a technical skinner who figures out how to make the skin look the way it should while being as fast and usable as possible. It helps if the artist is familiar with the limitations of skinning, and if the skinner knows how the art tools work (if not how to use them to best effect).

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